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Posted on: 26-Mar-2020   by: Ramiro Vidal   category: News


We are experiencing the greatest awakening and shift in consciousness humans has ever seen.  I am watching and feeling it from my home.  I am getting into that state of consciousness with the people that matters the most.  I feel very lucky to have a home to think but not overthink, to work, sleep, eat, and watch how that balance of dark and light is shifting and have no fear the natural laws at play, will guide us all.

If there is a darkness growing in the world, there must be an equally growing light.  Such are the laws of balance and nature…

I am taking my time.  Taking the time to work on simple stuff. Of cooking at a slow fire in the stove and not at a microwave.  How delicious I cook, I almost forget!  I am taking time at home to clean but not in a hurry until I just stop and do something else without guilty.  Even if I am not tired or done. I’m taking the time to read some books and even go back to the same chapter if there was something that interested me since I am not in a hurry to finish it.  I am taking the time to exercise with some props I bought long time ago or just body weight.  It is the best time to truly feel how much does your body really weight and if it is giving you the energy you want or need.

From home I can contact my wellness coaching clients, I can talk or write to my staff, and do some other paperwork, but above that, I can comb and feel my teenager hair as when she was a child.  I can sit with my husband to watch a TV show or movie that otherwise, months will pass by, and I can hear or write to other family members frequently than usual.

I am even writing about my personal feelings right now; it’s being a long time… and I love to do this! It is quiet outside but also inside.  It feels amazing!

I challenge you to try it too!  Try to feel amazing and stay safe, stay home! 

Take a deep breath and remind yourself, “I GOT THIS

Sending my light, strength and health to those in need,

Nivia I. Ortiz-Mendez

President and Founder

KiLife Fit & Wellness, Inc.