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Why Kilife?

  • More than 20 years in the field of corporate wellness
  • Tony Robbins Health, Wealth, and Business Mastery
  • Neuroscience for Business Program, MIT Sloan School of Business
  • Theory U Program, MIT Presenting Institute
  • Lifestyle Medicine
  • Corporate Athlete Training through Human Performance Institute in Orlando, FL
  • Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist through National Wellness Institute in Wisconsin
  • Certified as Worksite Wellness Director through Cooper Institute in Texas
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach through CHEK Institute in California
  • Licensed through the PR Department of Recreation and Sports according to Law #8 from January 8, 2004, Organic Law of Department of Recreation and Sports.
  • Team up with occupational health and other health professionals for health profile delivery and incorporation of Health Risk Assessments results
  • In addition to the professional and technical qualifications, all staff members possess the following certifications or trainings: American Heart Association CPR and First Aid, Drug Screening, Certificate of No Penal Record, Professional Liability Insurance, Safety Trainings, and OSHA 300.
  • In compliance with Puerto Rico small businesses laws and regulations

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